The editorial board of the STI (SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, & INNOVATION) POLICY REVIEW invites submissions of papers all year round.
Submission Policy
Papers should be submitted electronically to

Upon the receipt of paper, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you. The submission process is not complete unless you receive this confirmation e-mail.

Any paper submitted to the STI Policy Review should NOT be under consideration for publication at another journal. All submitted papers must represent original work.

Authors should also indicate, either in their cover letter or in the title page referred to below or both, whether the research reported in their paper was the result of a for-pay consulting relationship or if they or their employer has a financial interest in the topic of the paper which might constitute a conflict of interest.

Guide for Authors
Manuscripts should not exceed 50 pages double-spaced in A4 papers.
This limit includes a reference list, figures, and tables.
Also, submit a title page with each author's name, contact information, an abstract of 300 or fewer words, and 3~5 key words. This page will not be sent to the referees.

Be sure to cite papers with names and titles as they appear in the published article.
All data used in analysis MUST be clearly and precisely documented.
Source information for tables, figures, maps, photos, and other artwork should be mentioned in the captions.
For material that is copyrighted, you must obtain permission from the copyright holder.

A reference list is required. Follow the
APA (Amercian Psychological Association) Reference Style.

Please submit the manuscript in MS-Word format.
Margins must be one inch top, bottom, and sides.
Manuscripts must use 12-point font and Times New Roman .
These font, margin, and line-spacing requirements also apply to reference lists and tables.

This journal is printed in black and white; color materials must be translated to grayscale before publication.

Peer Review The submitted papers are subject to double-blinded referee reviews.